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"...the Ballarè is getting noticed for a charge and an impact always classy and highly emotional expressive power, to establish a strong bond with the public…"

- Repubblica

She has been invited to perform in prestigious venues, such as the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, Concert Hall of Gnessis in Moscow, Gosser Ehrbar Saal in Wien, the Aula Magna of University “La Sapienza” in Rome, the Hall of Mirrors in Bratislava, Kurfurstliches Schloss of Koblenz and many others. She had performed as soloist with Alessandria’s Orchestra (Italy) and Musica Viva’s Orchestra of Moscow (Russia).

Giulia Ballaré (1987, Italy) now is considered one of the most promising soloists of her generation.


She is regularly invited to play all over the world in prestigious venues. She has performed in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Florida, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Ireland, England, Austria, Portugal, Montenegro, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Finland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany, and Italy. 


She is professor at Conservatoire de Musique de Genève (Switzerland) and Conservatorio “A. Vivaldi” in Alessandria (Italy). She also organizing an annual masterclass in Novara in "Nova".

In 2013 she released her first album with the label dotGuitar titled "Lirically Spain”, and in 2019 “Untuned Guitar” with the Spanish label JSM Guitar Records. In 2019 she founded the “Gauthey Ballarè Duo” with the French guitarist Pauline Gauthey. In 2023 they released their first album " Lo Que Vendrá" with the label JSM Guitar Records.



When she was 20 years old, after Erasmus’s experience in Spain, she devote everything to the guitar; in 6 years (2013/2018) she has won more than 30 prizes in international competitions among them, first prize: Andrès Segovia (Linares, 2018), Ciudad de Coria (Spain, 2017), Forum Gitarre Wien (Austria, 2016), Mottola (Italy, 2013); second prize: J. Tomàs-Petrer - 1st not awarded - (Spain, 2018), Enrico Mercatali (Gorizia, 2017/8), Thessaloniki Guitar Competition (Grece, 2017) Mertz Competition, (Bratislava, 2016), Montenegro International Competition, (Podgorica, 2016); third prize: M. Pittaluga International Competition (Alessandria, 2017), A. Frauchi International Competition (Moscow, 2017),  J. Tomàs-Petrer (Spain, 2017), Sevilla (Spain, 2017), Emilio Pujol concorso Internazionale (Italy,  2017).


She started playing guitar at nine years old and she graduated in 2012 with maximum from the conservatory in Novara with M° Guido Fichtner.

She attended masterclasses with the most important figure of the classical guitar world like Oscar Ghiglia, David Russell, Pavel Steidl, Paolo Pegoraro, Marcin Dylla, Judicael Perroy, Aniello Desiderio, Adriano Del Sal.

 She's a Savarez Artist.


Andrès Segovia (Linares, 2018)

Ciudad de Coria (Spain, 2017)

Omis Guitar Fest (Croatia, 2017)

Forum Gitarre Wien (Austria, 2016)

Villa de Aranda (Spain, 2015)

Comarca del Contado (Spain, 2014)

Mottola (Italy, 2013)

Acerra (Italy, 2013)

Asti (Italy, 2013)

Lissone (Italy, 2012)

Giulio Rospigliosi (Italy, 2011)

Mondovi (Italy, 2009)


Jose Tomas-Petrer (Spain, 2018) - (1st not awarded)
Enrico Mercatali (Gorizia, 2017)
Thessaloniki Guitar Competition (Greece, 2017)
Festival Internacional Ciudad de Coria (Spain, 2016)
Mertz Competition (Bratislava, 2016)
Montenegro International Competition (Podgorica, 2016)
Andres Segovia (Linares, 2015)
Variazioni sul Tema (Italy, 2016)
Lissone (Italy, 2008)


50th Pittaluga International Competition (Alessandria, 2017)
A. Frauchi International Competition (Moscow, 2017)
Jose Tomas-Petrer (Spain, 2017)
Sevilla (Spain, 2017)
Emilio Pujol Concorso Internazionale (Italy, 2017)
Zagreb International Competition (Croatia, 2017)
Andres Segovia (Linares, 2016)
Claxica (Italy, 2016)
Claxica (Italy, 2015)
Nordhor (Germany, 2016)


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